This home is a classic Shingle Style cottage—7,000 SF of cottage. Its roof-dominant form rises like a dune from the maritime forest.  Two large brick chimneys anchor the roof mass.  Both the roof and the walls are clad in re-sawn/re-butted cedar shingles.  The windows give the appearance of traditional cottage-style double-hung windows, but are, in fact, double-weatherstripped, European tilt-and-turn units with insulated, hurricane-resistant glazing.  Shunning the popular reverse-plan, the layout maintains all public gathering spaces on the first floor, with bedroom suites for the family members on the second floor and an attached guest wing opposite the ocean.  The owner was emphatic that in spite of its large size, the architectural layout should encourage the family and its guests to come together.

*Ken Huggins, AIA, Project Architect and Founding Partner, Red Charrette Architects, Inc. (now dissolved)